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Dear Yuletide author:

High five! We have awesome taste, don’t we? I totally agree. And thanks for doing this! I always have a blast with it, so I’m glad we matched up! I hope you have fun with my prompts.

So! Things I like: repartee. Banter. Camaraderie. Fealty. Gen. Good characterization. If good characterization, slash or het.

Things I don’t like: torture, non-con, character bashing, overt exposition.

1. Johannes Cabal: If we matched on this one, I truly hope we match on the why: aesthetic and brother feels. Seriously, I adore the feeling of the books and shorts, and the end of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer killed me. [SPOILER ALERT LOOSELY UP THROUGH THE BROTHERS CABAL, HIGHLIGHT FOR TEXT]Johannes’ horror  even while soulless at what he’d driven Horst to just ruined me and I wasn’t really right until they were sassing each other again in The Brothers Cabal. [END SPOILER ALERT] So hearkening back to my earlier likes, I would very much enjoy anything that indulges or showcases Johannes’ deeply hidden affection for Horst. Action brothers in yet another ridiculous adventure! Awkward affection! Horst mocking Johannes because he can! (I don’t care if your glasses color this one with romance or not, though this plot lends itself to a general story to my way of thinking.)

2. Kung Fury: If we matched on this, I must expect you to have the same love for wonderbad 80s action films as I do. I originally wanted to request the AU presented in the official music video without being sure HOW to request that, but I would love something terrible and plot-device driven as any Steven Seagal plot. Maybe in the future, after Kung Fury defeats Hitler, there isn’t enough Plot Device and Kung Fury can’t be a cop anymore, so he takes work as a chef/baby sitter/teacher/doctor/perfumer - and then has to defend the block/building/school from baddies? Or like something with Kung Fury and David Hasselhoff in the Viking Age having adventures! Are there troublesome Mechanicapes that are half ape, half machine, half unbeatable (?!?) Kung Fu, and all bad attitude? (I don't know what romance you're feeling from the film, but if it works for you, let your spirit soar.)

3. Poseidon’s Fury: If we matched on this, I am 99.999997% sure I know who you are. Either way, I love you. This show has been one of my favorites for a decade and I love the actors they get for Taylor. I would want something equally plot-devicey as the show! Taylor briefly bore Poseidon’s Trident! Did it grant him powers? Is he Poseidon’s new priest? What’s up with the Dark Ones? Conversely, I would be happy for something more serious if that was your jam. How’s Taylor feel after all of this? What happened to his professor, Dr. Elias Baxter during all of the action? Do they move on to another site, and if so, do they have more adventures? (Gen seems the likeliest, but if you somehow work romance into it because that's your jam, we're cool boo.)

Anyway, thanks so much! 
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Dear Yulegoat,

Thanks for participating! <3 Congrats on your excellent taste.

I'll jump in with some of my general likes/DNWs...

Likes: Healthy relationships, admiration, respect, communication, kink negotiation, mild power play, happiness, competency. Happy endings! Fix-it fics, time-travel, partners that are equally into each other. 

DNWs: Hardcore D/s lifestyle, intense BDSM, rape, scat, gas-lighting. Death-fic with no happy ending. 

My AO3 is here. If you have questions, you can pm me there, comment her (anon or not), and email me at 

Now onto the fandoms! 

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Norville (Link to the series here.)

If we got matched on this, bless you and the tiny handful of Kitty Norville fics in existence. This series is urban fantasy centered around a werewolf DJ (nick-named Kitty way before she got turned into a werewolf) and her growth and personal trials as she navigates the intense world of the supernatural before it's exposed to the public and after the world has to learn how to deal with it. 

What I love about this series: what don't I love? Kitty starts as a submissive character and isn't exactly ever really dominant, even when she becomes the leader of her pack. Cormac is a bounty hunter hired to kill her in the first novel (on live radio). She manages to subvert the attack with some logical thinking and fast talking and then they have an...interesting relationship until he gets sent to jail. Ben is his cousin and also his lawyer who is turned into a werewolf on a job: Cormac brings him to Kitty to help him survive the change and keep his wolf under control. 

Where I am in the series: I've read through through Kitty's House of Horrors. I know I'm behind, but I don't mind spoilers. Go crazy. 

What I would really love to see: Ben/Kitty/Cormac however you want to put these three together. I just want them being happy. I do want a generally equal emotional relationship between all three of them (Kitty/Cormac and Ben/Cormac) but it doesn't have to be physical if the idea squicks you. I don't care either way. This can be set at any point in the series you can work it out and go left as an AU, but I do want the nominal world Vaughn lays out. 

Things I specifically love about this world: normal sappy things (cooking for each other, snuggling on the couch, sleeping in together, etc), competent action heroes, Kitty (and others) being logical about problems, and well-characterized smut. As far as smut goes, I'm fond of the power plays Vaughn describes and how physical strength isn't always the source of victory if you want to get kinky. If a threesome with two werewolves and a bounty hunter is kinky enough, I would be delighted to receive anything you want to write. 

Jonathan L Howard - Johannes Cabal (Link here to the books in the series.)

About this series: One introverted necromancer and his quest to defeat death. There's so much, seriously, I cannot describe how cool the little snippets Howard drops are. The Ouroboros Ouzo short especially delighted me. 

What I love especially: Johannes and Horst, man. I'm reading the most recent book now, so no worries on spoilers. I love these books so much for the tone, the practicality, and how Johannes is all about Logic on the surface, but all sentiment under that (consider his ultimate motivation, his continual emotional love/hate response to Horst and his panic when Horst kills himself at the end of the first book even while Johannes is technically soulless)...  I do also like Leonnie Barrow and I am intrigued by The Woman, but the most solidly developed relationship in the novels seems to be that of Johannes and his brother, hands down. 

Some ideas: Johannes and Horst working to reverse Horst's vampirism; Johannes gets Horst to change him so he has more time to figure out how to reverse death; Johannes and Horst as supernatural detectives, exploring Horst's vampirism (his speed, strength, hypnotic ability) and how he feels about Johannes (pre-series, during the first novel, during or following The Brothers Cabal if that's possible as I'm still reading it, whenever you're inspired to write), and/or how he feels about people in general since...well, they're his food; investigations in the same vein as the novels and short stories! 

Regarding romance: I will enjoy platonic bros or slash, I'm pretty easy as long as you indulge me in the complex and layered relationship between Johannes and Horst. 

Sleepy Hollow (1998-1999) (Links to information on the film here and here.)

About this film: Yet another retelling of the Headless Horseman legend, directed by Tim Burton. 

What I love: I love the feeling Burton injected into the film. I'm fascinated by the idea of Ichabod and the Horseman interacting, but I'm also just intrigued in general by the supernatural potential between them. There're these nods to something interesting in the film: the Horseman finding Ichabod passed out, the Horseman NOT killing Ichabod when he killed Braum (and I don't believe a professional soldier risen from hell missed the heart on accident), the look they shared when Ichabod returned his skull... I just want more of these two interacting, frankly. The Horseman's life before death was that of a soldier, and after he seems to still be one. What does that mean? What other supernatural shenanigans might Ichabod stumble into? What about his lineage, and his mother's abilities? 

Some ideas: Ichabod finding out through some manner that he's still connected to the Horseman because he touched the skull. Is this a bad thing, filled with creeping horror? Is it a good thing, when a different horror tries to take Ichabod's soul and can't? If you'd prefer something different, Katrina adapting to New York and realizing the potential for her in the world now that she isn't limiting herself. 

Ladyhawke (1985) (Links to info on the film here and here.)

I've requested Ladyhawke three or so Yuletides ago and was so, so lucky to receive incredible fills and gifts for it. I'm not trying to be greedy, but this film is and always will be one of my favorites and I just want more OT3 fic forever.

What is it: A combination action and romance with just the flavor of comedy to be fun. An epic fantasy love story in the old tradition, with a beautiful lady, a handsome captain of the guard, an evil Cardinal, black magic, and a clever thief.

What I want: Any and all Navarre/Isabeau/Phillipe please. Anything you come up with. Gen, platonic love, smut, whatever. Phillipe protecting Navarre and Isabeau somehow (probably not in a fight, but in other ways: protecting their reputations? Keeping their city free of [other] thieves? Something else?) would be delightful, especially if they found out somehow. If you'd like to just lavish me with beautiful smut, that would also be lovely. 

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Hello, Trick or Treater!

Thank you so much for picking up my request! <3

General likes: I love banter and action and affection as general themes. I specifically adore time-travel with an unholy passion, which you'll see reflected in my AC request. I like character-driven smut as well! 

Creepy things I like: Magic, creepy poetry or rhymes, deals with demons, eldritch horrors, and noir (is this creepy?).

General dislikes: Non-con, torture porn, suicide, or prime/main character death unless it's temporary. Please don't kill my babies. Q_____Q Also, please no mpreg or coffee shop/HS AUs. 

My requests:

Ella Enchanted:
Treat: Ella talking about her life with Char and his parents and/or Arieda, and her/him/them being supportive and helpful and somehow helping her with the trauma of living like that. I can't really add more to this, I just love legit friendships and I want Ella to have more positive parental role-models.

Trick: Ella, Char, and/or Arieda dealing with a serial killer! Action! Detectives! Noir AU!  Take it and run if that's what you're feeling. 

Kuroko no Basuke:
Treat: Kiyoshi interacting with Kuroko outside of basketball in some way, looking after him in some way. I don't mind shipping (actually I would be surprised and delighted if you could make something like this work). Anime is notorious for ignoring a) parents, b) everything that isn't the focus of the anime (like the real world and it's requirements). I would love to see something where Kuroko is dealing with something outside of basketball and gets support from his friends/upperclassmen.

Trick: Kuroko's lack of presence is due to his heritage descending from something (faerie, monster, Achlys, whatever you want! The more obscure the better!) Kuroko and the others having to deal with this because of Kuroko himself or because of his family. 

The Originals:
Treat: Klaus and Elijah bonding. I don't mind if this is platonic or romantic (or both?). There's so much drama between these two on the show with all of the angsty long looks and fights and backing each other despite it. Can I have some honest reciprocal affection?

Trick: SOMETHING EVEN WORSE (that isn't their father).A demon-possessed child curses one or both of them or the town, the coming of Cthulhu, a creeping knowledge of something awful, some subtle evil Klaus and Elijah have to come together to survive. 

Leverage: Hardison, Eliot, and Parker working as a team in whatever circumstances you put together. I do love them as an OT3, with each one being in love with the other two. Treats could include a regular heist (or a movie night following a job?). These three bantering while planning a job and flirting all at once would be a delight. Tricks could include zombie apocalypse, cursed items, ghosts, etc. I don't care so long as my DNWs are followed. Have fun!

Assassin's Creed: OK, so I love Ezio buuuut...

Trick and treat: What I really, really want is some kind of alternate fix-it/time-travel fic where Desmond is able to use the Eye when he comes into contact with it to interact with Altair through the Piece of Eden (I know this is hand-wavey but it's alien techno magic! Come on!) and give him a heads up so they can start planning against this shit a little earlier. Is this following his defeat of Rashid ad-Din Sinan, or pre-games entirely because of Adha? Your call! This is a ridiculous idea, I know, and would lead to a much longer story, but I would love Altair and Desmond interacting in this manner. This could go the treat route and focus on the best possible world, or the trick route by focusing on how awful things could've gotten in the worst possible world. 

Conversely, some sweet sweet (Malik/)Altair/Desmond hand-wavey smut would not go amiss. If you want to write me an Ezio treat though, Ezio and Leonardo being bros, or dense!Ezio confessing how he's been pining over Leonardo to an incredulous Leonardo who had thought his own interest obvious long ago would be good! An Ezio trick could be Ezio finding a cursed item or being haunted and needing to solve a riddle to free his sanity... 
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