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Hello, Trick or Treater!

Thank you so much for picking up my request! <3

General likes: I love banter and action and affection as general themes. I specifically adore time-travel with an unholy passion, which you'll see reflected in my AC request. I like character-driven smut as well! 

Creepy things I like: Magic, creepy poetry or rhymes, deals with demons, eldritch horrors, and noir (is this creepy?).

General dislikes: Non-con, torture porn, suicide, or prime/main character death unless it's temporary. Please don't kill my babies. Q_____Q Also, please no mpreg or coffee shop/HS AUs. 

My requests:

Ella Enchanted:
Treat: Ella talking about her life with Char and his parents and/or Arieda, and her/him/them being supportive and helpful and somehow helping her with the trauma of living like that. I can't really add more to this, I just love legit friendships and I want Ella to have more positive parental role-models.

Trick: Ella, Char, and/or Arieda dealing with a serial killer! Action! Detectives! Noir AU!  Take it and run if that's what you're feeling. 

Kuroko no Basuke:
Treat: Kiyoshi interacting with Kuroko outside of basketball in some way, looking after him in some way. I don't mind shipping (actually I would be surprised and delighted if you could make something like this work). Anime is notorious for ignoring a) parents, b) everything that isn't the focus of the anime (like the real world and it's requirements). I would love to see something where Kuroko is dealing with something outside of basketball and gets support from his friends/upperclassmen.

Trick: Kuroko's lack of presence is due to his heritage descending from something (faerie, monster, Achlys, whatever you want! The more obscure the better!) Kuroko and the others having to deal with this because of Kuroko himself or because of his family. 

The Originals:
Treat: Klaus and Elijah bonding. I don't mind if this is platonic or romantic (or both?). There's so much drama between these two on the show with all of the angsty long looks and fights and backing each other despite it. Can I have some honest reciprocal affection?

Trick: SOMETHING EVEN WORSE (that isn't their father).A demon-possessed child curses one or both of them or the town, the coming of Cthulhu, a creeping knowledge of something awful, some subtle evil Klaus and Elijah have to come together to survive. 

Leverage: Hardison, Eliot, and Parker working as a team in whatever circumstances you put together. I do love them as an OT3, with each one being in love with the other two. Treats could include a regular heist (or a movie night following a job?). These three bantering while planning a job and flirting all at once would be a delight. Tricks could include zombie apocalypse, cursed items, ghosts, etc. I don't care so long as my DNWs are followed. Have fun!

Assassin's Creed: OK, so I love Ezio buuuut...

Trick and treat: What I really, really want is some kind of alternate fix-it/time-travel fic where Desmond is able to use the Eye when he comes into contact with it to interact with Altair through the Piece of Eden (I know this is hand-wavey but it's alien techno magic! Come on!) and give him a heads up so they can start planning against this shit a little earlier. Is this following his defeat of Rashid ad-Din Sinan, or pre-games entirely because of Adha? Your call! This is a ridiculous idea, I know, and would lead to a much longer story, but I would love Altair and Desmond interacting in this manner. This could go the treat route and focus on the best possible world, or the trick route by focusing on how awful things could've gotten in the worst possible world. 

Conversely, some sweet sweet (Malik/)Altair/Desmond hand-wavey smut would not go amiss. If you want to write me an Ezio treat though, Ezio and Leonardo being bros, or dense!Ezio confessing how he's been pining over Leonardo to an incredulous Leonardo who had thought his own interest obvious long ago would be good! An Ezio trick could be Ezio finding a cursed item or being haunted and needing to solve a riddle to free his sanity... 
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