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Dear Yuletide author:

High five! We have awesome taste, don’t we? I totally agree. And thanks for doing this! I always have a blast with it, so I’m glad we matched up! I hope you have fun with my prompts.

So! Things I like: repartee. Banter. Camaraderie. Fealty. Gen. Good characterization. If good characterization, slash or het.

Things I don’t like: torture, non-con, character bashing, overt exposition.

1. Johannes Cabal: If we matched on this one, I truly hope we match on the why: aesthetic and brother feels. Seriously, I adore the feeling of the books and shorts, and the end of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer killed me. [SPOILER ALERT LOOSELY UP THROUGH THE BROTHERS CABAL, HIGHLIGHT FOR TEXT]Johannes’ horror  even while soulless at what he’d driven Horst to just ruined me and I wasn’t really right until they were sassing each other again in The Brothers Cabal. [END SPOILER ALERT] So hearkening back to my earlier likes, I would very much enjoy anything that indulges or showcases Johannes’ deeply hidden affection for Horst. Action brothers in yet another ridiculous adventure! Awkward affection! Horst mocking Johannes because he can! (I don’t care if your glasses color this one with romance or not, though this plot lends itself to a general story to my way of thinking.)

2. Kung Fury: If we matched on this, I must expect you to have the same love for wonderbad 80s action films as I do. I originally wanted to request the AU presented in the official music video without being sure HOW to request that, but I would love something terrible and plot-device driven as any Steven Seagal plot. Maybe in the future, after Kung Fury defeats Hitler, there isn’t enough Plot Device and Kung Fury can’t be a cop anymore, so he takes work as a chef/baby sitter/teacher/doctor/perfumer - and then has to defend the block/building/school from baddies? Or like something with Kung Fury and David Hasselhoff in the Viking Age having adventures! Are there troublesome Mechanicapes that are half ape, half machine, half unbeatable (?!?) Kung Fu, and all bad attitude? (I don't know what romance you're feeling from the film, but if it works for you, let your spirit soar.)

3. Poseidon’s Fury: If we matched on this, I am 99.999997% sure I know who you are. Either way, I love you. This show has been one of my favorites for a decade and I love the actors they get for Taylor. I would want something equally plot-devicey as the show! Taylor briefly bore Poseidon’s Trident! Did it grant him powers? Is he Poseidon’s new priest? What’s up with the Dark Ones? Conversely, I would be happy for something more serious if that was your jam. How’s Taylor feel after all of this? What happened to his professor, Dr. Elias Baxter during all of the action? Do they move on to another site, and if so, do they have more adventures? (Gen seems the likeliest, but if you somehow work romance into it because that's your jam, we're cool boo.)

Anyway, thanks so much! 
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